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Green Maeng Da (150 Pressed Kratom Tablets)


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Introducing a groundbreaking addition to Krabot’s extensive product lineup: 100% raw pressed kratom tablets. The very same raw kratom you’ve come to appreciate in powder or capsule form is now conveniently available in easy-to-dose, all-natural tablets. What sets these tablets apart is the absence of binders, fillers, or gelatin capsules to hold them together. No more dealing with the toss-and-wash method or ingesting multiple gelatin capsules per serving. Our in-house production of these firm-pressed tablets offers a swift onset and a sustained effect.

Each tablet averages around 475mg, making a serving size equivalent to approximately 4-5 tablets. Say goodbye to the bitter taste of kratom and embrace this cleaner, smoother alternative to preparing raw kratom powder. These tablets are offered in a variety of your favorite strains, including Green Maeng Da, White Maeng Da, and Red Maeng Da.

Measuring at a standard 10mm in size, these tablets are comfortably manageable. We utilize pharmaceutical-grade machinery, applying over 13,000lbs of force to ensure their quality. Trust in the excellence brought to you exclusively by Krabot.

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