1. Create Rewards Account through MBC website. You will need to be logged into this account BEFORE ordering or you WILL NOT earn points for your purchases.
  2. Accumulate points! You’ll earn 250 points for every $50 you spend. Think of these as currency you will use to ‘purchase’ rewards codes with. 
  3. Check the list for rewards. Different rewards cost different amounts. When you redeem points for a specific reward, the amount will be deducted from your balance and you will be given a unique code to use in the discount code box at checkout. The corresponding amount (ex. $5 off? $10 off, $20 off, Free 250, Free Kilo) will then and only then be taken off your total at checkout. This won’t happen without the code you were given being used at checkout, so remember this step! 
  4. Your codes will not expire until you use them! We promise! If you need us to look up a code you’ve redeemed points for in the past, simply message the live chat and one of our agents will grab it for you. We are available every day of the week and if we kiss your message we will get back to you via email ASAP. 
  5. One discount code allowed per order, this includes sale codes not related to the rewards program 
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