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Poly Gold Kava 30% Extract Powder


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Introducing the Pinnacle of Kava Extracts: Poly Gold Kava 30% Extract Powder

Dive into the world of unparalleled quality with our Polynesian Gold Water Soluble Co2 Kava Extract. This groundbreaking product stands as the first of its kind, setting a gold standard in the realm of Kava extracts. Boasting a remarkable 30% full spectrum, it ensures that you experience the authentic, noble chemotype kavalactones in a versatile and efficient format.

What sets our extract apart? It’s the impeccable water solubility, which translates to a free-flowing powdered form. This adaptability means you can seamlessly integrate it into capsules, refreshing beverages, and many other innovative applications. But that’s not all. The potency of our extract is unparalleled, ensuring that every dose is a journey to the heart of Polynesian traditions.

While there are numerous Kava extracts available in today’s market, none can match the unique combination of water solubility, unmatched potency, and the genuine noble chemotype that our Polynesian Gold brand extracts bring to the table. Experience the zenith of Kava extracts and elevate your offerings to unmatched heights!

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1 Oz, 250 Gram, 500 Gram, 1000 Gram

1 review for Poly Gold Kava 30% Extract Powder

  1. Laurence

    This has been my favorite kava product that I’ve tried overall. Anytime my tongue is numb, I know that I’ve got a winner with kava.

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