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Kratom Extract 10 Tablets (150mg)


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Krabot’s Alkaloid-rich Tablets stand out as a potent choice, designed for experienced users. These tablets are meticulously crafted from a special blend of various extracts finely mixed with a filler and then expertly pressed. This unique fusion results in a flawlessly pressed, authentic full-spectrum tablet adorned with traces of diverse alkaloids.

In contrast to our Alk-Tab 40 & 75 tabs, we employ a lower percentage extract with an exceptionally rich profile, encompassing alkaloids that are often absent in most extracts available today. While the concentration is lower, we incorporate a significantly larger quantity in our formulation, yielding a tablet that’s twice as potent as our Alk-Tab 75’s. Additionally, our tablets are precisely formulated for maximum absorption, ensuring a robust, long-lasting experience. Please note that these tablets are intended exclusively for seasoned users.

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