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200:1 Blue Lotus Extract (1 Ounce )


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Blue Lotus Extract 200 : 1 Powder Extract 1 Ounce

#MAK Kratom has interest in many areas of botanical life. If you are looking for an extract to tap deeper into lucid dreaming, then Blue Lotus will become a botanical of choice!

Being a potent botanical, Blue Lotus is a power house for many situations most common uses were in ceremonial drinks, plant matter extracts. Advancing in uses, the flower was used at parties and gatherings and was consistently used to bolster sexual drive in both males and women alike, along with inducing a calming state of mind.

Alternate uses can reportedly fall under many of these categories:

Gastrointestinal diseases

Stimulation and Euphoria

Erectile Dysfunction

Stress and anxiety

Menstrual cramps


Anti-oxidant properties



Lucid Dreaming

Skin and hair

Other benefits

  • The Blue Lotus flower is said to have ginseng that acts as an anesthetic agent.
  • The plant leaves are used for pain-relief, thirst, hemorrhoids, and bleeding from internal organs.
  • The receptacle for the seed cleans the mouth and blood.
  • The filaments are natural. They improve the complexion and help in oral ulcers
  • The leaf-stalk helps in lactation.
  • Honey from the Lotus flower is very nutritious and contributes to fighting eye diseases
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